Valentine’s Day Themed Activities

Valentine’s Day is a highlight on the school calendar.  It’s a great excuse to bust out the paper and glue and get crafty. Lead your learners into being creative and hone those fine motor skills!
Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to show appreciation for people we love. It’s a great reason to celebrate love, friendship and kindness and for learners to think about the words that they use. Do their words show love and build people up? Or are they breaking down the people around them?
Below we have a list of great resources that will not only keep your class busy, but it will also open up an opportunity to discuss love and friendship. Chat to your kids about gifts that go beyond materialism, such as respect, kindness, time, generosity and thoughtfulness. They will quickly learn that “I love you” means so much more than heart-shaped balloons and chocolates.
So, welcome this day into your classroom and have fun!

Valentine’s Day Worksheets

This pack is a collection of fun, Valentine’s Day themed worksheets (made in Word) to keep your class in the Valentine’s mood. There are great activities for learning words, numbers and graphs.
Download here.


My Valentyn / My Valentine

This product includes:

  • Decorations
  • Maths flash cards
  • Sounds and letters
  • Friendship work

Download here.


Valentine’s Day themed mathematics worksheets Grade 3

This product includes 11 worksheets. There are also varying degrees of difficulty to cater for a range of learners. Some of the more challenging worksheets could be used for learners in Grade 4.
Activities covered in the worksheets include:

  • Word problems
  • Working with graphs and data
  • Multiplication, division, addition and subtraction
  • Rounding off
  • Time (minutes) and weight (grams)

Download here.


Valentine’s day words for my friends

It is good to have fun on Valentine’s day, but it is important for kids to know that they have to say kind words to their friends every day. This pack includes a worksheet, reading card and heart for crafts PLUS a FREE video that goes with the worksheet.
Download here.


Valentine Doggy Template

This cute, doggy Valentine’s Day gift is easy to assemble. It includes a template for young learners to cut and paste.
Download here.


Encouraging words for kids to build character and touch hearts

This is a resource just for teachers.
It is not always necessary to reward kids in front of a huge crowd of people. They don’t need to get a touchable reward every time they’ve accomplished something. Sometimes it is best to give them encouraging words to build character and to touch hearts.
This video gives teachers ideas on what to say to kids to encourage them. Sit back, relax, listen to the music and read the words. Enjoy! The words can be cut, laminated, used as reading cards or the pictures can be used as stickers. Any way that works for you in your classroom.
Download here.


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