Weather Resources and Activities

The weather is the classic go-to conversation starter or when you want to fill an awkward silence. We all do it and are probably quite good at it. However, there is more to talking about the weather than that.
A weather activity with your class is not just something cute to entertain your learners; it is a way to introduce early learners to the concepts of science. As learners progress through school, meteorology is a great way to get them interested in other STEM disciplines.
Weather is observable and measurable. They can see the rain, put a container out to capture it and measure how much has fallen in their area. When they play sport, they can feel how the heat causes their body’s cooling system to kick in. It is science!
Add some of our resources to your lessons on weather and see your students become budding scientists. ????

Meteorology Unit Study

This exciting unit study about Meteorology covers everything a student needs to know about meteorology, from the basic understanding to a complete overview of the subject.
Download here.


Weather Forecasting

This book explains how meteorologists use their knowledge and skills – focusing on aspects of nature, as well as information provided by weather instruments – to help them predict the weather. It also explains how different industries are affected by weather and why they heavily rely on weather forecasts for their safety and productivity.
Download here.


Hierdie is a kleurvolle weerkaart vir jou klaskamer.
Download here.

Aardrykskunde Opsomming: Gr 8

Hierdie aardrykskunde opsomming bevat satellietbeelde, seestrome, temperatuur en reenval, elemente van weer en soorte klimaat en baie meer. Dit het almal oulike prentjies tussen-in.
Download here.

The Elements of Weather: Gr 5

This sketchnote describes and illustrates the four elements of weather: precipitation, temperature, wind and cloud cover.
Download here.

Interactive Calendar/Weather Chart

Create this PDF worksheet into a booklet and have your learners keep a record of the weather which they can later reflect on.
Download here.

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