Why teachers and tutors need to work closer together

Teachers and tutors both play an integral part in learner education and support from one grade to the next. A teacher educates a class of learners daily usually from a school, while a tutor provides ad hoc, private, one-on-one lessons on a particular subject the learner is struggling.
We had a chat with Andrea Roy, co-founder and managing director of Tutor Roots, to hear why teachers and tutors should work closer and better together.
Here are our top three reasons.

1. Collaboration helps learners achieve goals quicker

Teachers and tutors are both striving towards the same goal.
“When it comes to a child’s education there is no doubt that parents, teachers and tutors are working towards the same goal – to encourage the child to succeed and to ensure the child is maximising their full potential,” says Andrea. “With regular communication between teachers and tutors, these goals they are all working towards become much easier to reach.”
Teachers and tutors should communicate the learner’s strengths and weakness to each other. Teachers can provide valuable learner insights and information to make tutoring as effective as possible. Together, they are equipped to enable the learner to succeed.

2. Tutors reinforce what teachers do

Teachers’ days are jam-packed, non-stop, go go go. This means it is often difficult to cover all sections of work multiple times – some sections can only briefly be covered due to time constraints and a very full curriculum.
Tutors can pick up where the teacher left off. As Andrea says, “A teacher can often identify the learner’s weaknesses, whereas a tutor helps a struggling learner with a particular subject as well as building the child’s confidence.”
Tutors can revisit areas that the learner was struggling with and explain it to the learner in further detail. This allows learners the necessary time and practice to properly understand subject matter and succeed academically.

3. Collaboration is best for the learner

Ultimately, the more people focussed on a learner’s success, the better he/she will succeed. A good private tutor will build a relationship with the learner and enable a speedier progression rate.
“One of the greatest benefits of having a private tutor is the individual attention the learner will get especially for those learners that are afraid to ask questions, do not have the time to ask questions or need some more information to gain a better understanding.” says Andrea. “A tutor can make a huge difference to the child’s learning and understanding of a subject. Working together with a tutor will enable the learner to progress by offering extra guidance and support for their specific needs.”
If a learner in your class is in need of tutoring, be sure to carefully select a tutor that will best match the learner. By working together with the tutor to contribute to any weaknesses the learner may need to work on, you will ensure a greater and speedier progression rate and enable the learner to better reach their full potential.
Andrea’s company, Tutor Roots, has a wide range of suitable, experienced and qualified tutors in any subject and for any level across the major cities of South Africa. You can now connect directly with one of the tutors via the Tutor Roots mobile app, available on both Andriod and iOS. For more information about finding a tutor, please contact Andrea at info@tutorroots.com.

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