Why We STILL Love Teaching

I’m sure we all have those moments where we wonder why on earth it is we chose the career path we did. Some of you might be asking yourself that right now. Well, let us remind you. 

No one goes into teaching with the expectation of earning big bucks, and it’s certainly not a job for those looking for a breezy career. So why then? A good word to encompass it all would be hope. 

Teaching is all about creating a good future for the current generation and generations to come. If we don’t believe that to be possible, there would be no reason to teach, but we do. 

We hope that our efforts will be the spark that sets off passion within each of our students. Our job is not to convince children to learn, but to give them a reason to want to. Whether it be raising the doctors of the world, the artists, or the next teachers, we all have a desire to see our students turn into the warriors we need to fight for a better future, as cheesy as that may sound. 

Teaching goes beyond the education of facts. As much as it is our duty to pass on knowledge, we also have the opportunity to reach our students on a deeper level. As essential as factual education is, it’s even more important for children to learn good values and compassion. We are aware that we might be the only chance for some children to learn these valuable life-lessons, and this is why we can’t underestimate how vital the role we play in our students’ lives is. 

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