With BIC’s “Colour Your Classroom” campaign, teachers can win stationery for a year

As a leading stationery brand in South Africa, BIC® is determined to serve a very important community: teachers, and it is this determination that has brought about the 2021 BIC “Colour Your Classroom” campaign.

With the mission of engaging the South African teaching community in a meaningful way, BIC® Stationery is calling all teachers to sign up for a two month-long competition with a rewarding prize. Each teacher who signs up for “Colour Your Classroom” will stand a chance to win 1 year of BIC® Stationery for themselves and for their class.

When signing up, each teacher will receive a referral code that they can share with other teachers they know. Every time another teacher signs up using their referral code, they will earn another entry and better their own chances of winning.

For decades BIC® Stationery has lived in the classroom as a tried and trusted stationery source. Despite our increasingly digital world, stationery remains an important medium for the youth’s education. BIC® Stationery knows that teachers play a significant role in all forms of school organization and can be influential when it comes to stationery. To continue to be loved by South Africa, BIC® Stationery knows it must continue to impress and delight South African teachers.

Teachers play such a vital role in our society. They take on the responsibility of inspiring and shaping young minds, equipping the youth with one of life’s most empowering tools, education. In an unequal country like South Africa there is an urgent need for well-educated, dedicated teachers. However despite the value of this vocation, teachers are unfortunately often undervalued and underserved and who better to support them with 1 year’s worth of BIC® Stationery, than our passionate yet pressured educators?

Educating without resources is like trying to build a house without power tools. While possible, it would still be unnecessarily difficult. Through this competition and campaign, BIC® Stationery hopes to equip one lucky teacher with resources that will not only bring utility but colour, creativity and inspiration to their classroom space all year long. Although iconic for long lasting reliable pens, the BIC® Stationery range includes pencil crayons, wax crayons, felt pens, highlighters, permanent markers and much more.

All teachers are encouraged to sign up for entry and stand the chance to colour their classroom with BIC® Stationery, for themselves and for their students. The more teachers that teachers refer, the better their chances of winning. There will be a live leaderboard where entrants can track their entries until a winner is chosen, and the competition concludes at the end of August. Tell all the teachers you know about the opportunity to create an inspiring space for students during these challenging times.

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