Assessment and Differentiation in the Mainstream Classroom

R 800,00





This course aims to explore assessment and differentiation in the mainstream classroom for newly qualified teachers. Assessment is an integral part of effective teaching and learning, therefore, it is essential that NQTS feel well-equipped to assess the learning of their pupils and use this assessment information to inform their teaching.

This course will explore a wide variety of both pupil-led and teacher-led assessment strategies that can be used for assessment of learning and assessment for learning. Furthermore, this course explores the role that standardised testing plays. In addition to this, the course explores differentiation and many strategies to support the learning of all pupils in the classroom are outlined. This includes differentiation through process, product and planning. Team-teaching is also addressed. The importance of inclusive education and differentiation is also examined in this course. Finally, this course aims to support NQTs in communicating effectively with parents, including through parent teacher meetings and end of year reports.